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Stacy Rossetti

Real Estate Investing – My Journey, My Career My Life

As a real estate investing expert and coach, I have built my name on the results I have created – for myself and for my students.

Investing in real estate has changed my life, opening doors for me and my family and affording me an outlet for all my creative and entrepreneurial energy. Through scaling up a renovation company in Atlanta with hundreds of transactions to learning to invest passively through creative financing deals and storage facilities, I have not only overcome many trials and tribulations, but systematized and organized my days so that I can run several successful businesses.

Day after day, I work hard at what I do, striving to stay ahead of the curve by building on my knowledge and making shrewd decisions. This did not happen overnight, of course. My early days in real estate were slow, exhausting and hard, but little by little, I earned a sense of what worked and what I needed to do to achieve consistent results. Because I taught myself all this learning through experience and mentors, the process was gradual and required the utmost diligence on my part.

Today, I own and operate South Atlanta REIA. A real estate investors’ association, South Atlanta REIA is exactly the tool that I would have wanted when I was getting my start, something that aspiring and established investors can turn to, a means to cutting your learning curve dramatically.

In addition to investing in real estate myself, I have since discovered another passion in my life – coaching and empowering others. Whenever I see that I have guided someone toward a breakthrough or helped them to transform themselves professionally, I feel deep fulfillment, confident that I am on the right path and reinvigorated to go out and do even more.

As a coach and teacher, I specialize in helping my students navigate real estate investing, rehabbing, and storage facilities. These are all complex, involved topics, but I have honed my ability to communicate the intricacies – and found ways to demystify them efficiently. Seeing the light go off in my students’ eyes, I know that the magic is happening, and in everyone I teach, I recognize myself – wide-eyed, hopeful, firmly believing in all the opportunities that real estate investing can present. For years, I have connected with my students through workshops, offering a glimpse into the thought processes and techniques that have led to my success.

In order to share my knowledge with as large an audience as possible, I am currently expanding beyond person-to-person coaching, developing two online courses: Systematizing Your Rehabs to Scale Up and Self-Storage Investing 101. Both of these courses draw on my years of experience in real estate investing and break down my ideas and strategies in a way that even beginners can digest.

In addition, I am planning to launch three mastermind groups in 2020, each of which will be a part of the Super Secret Investors Society. These are: Real Estate Investing for Beginners, Systematizing Your Rehabs to Scale Up, and Storage Investing for Passive Income.

Renovating my first home in 2012, I knew that I had stumbled upon something big – a calling, a vocation, a passion. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to stick with real estate and give it everything that I had. Collaborating with my husband has been a bonus, and I am grateful every day for the career that he and I have created together.


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