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Systematizing Your Rehabs Mastermind

This Mastermind Will Facilitate Like-Minded Investors to Systematize and Automate Their Office, Know and Understand Their Numbers and Triple Their Business Next Year.

Stacy Has Been Teaching Other Investors How To Systematize, Organize & Automate Their Rehabbing Business For Many Years Now.

This Mastermind Is ONLY Available For Investors Willing To Do The Following:

  • Push Yourself
    You must be open to facing your fears and committing to setting goals that are achievable.
  • Have Fun
    Understand that Passive Income is the ULTIMATE GOAL and that every meeting is geared toward obtaining this..
  • Be Coachable
    This group isn’t for tire kickers. This is for investors that want to invest and grow their wealth.
  • Love Accountability
    The investors in the group LOVE having an entire group hold them accountable for what they have said they are going to do.
  • Work Well With Others
    Be accepting that others in the group will be willing to help you through your challenges and praise you during your wins and you will do the same for them.

Why Do You Need This Mastermind? And Why Is NOW The Time To Join?​

Two Hour Virtual Zoom Group
Coaching Calls

Two Day Face-to-Face Group Masterminds (Spring & Fall)


4 – In-Field Training Days With Stacy Going To Rehabs Throughout the Year

Access to Our Private Facebook Group Where All Mastermind Students Can Communicate and Collaborate With Each Other

Free Access to Stacy’s Docs to Help You Manage Your Business:

  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Cheatsheets
  • Systems
  • Worksheets

Get Access To Accountability Software To Help You Set Realistic Goals For Yourself, Create Metrics To Measure Those Goals And Assign Tasks For Each Metric So You Can Methodically Keep Moving Forward And Stay On Track

Free Access to Stacy’s New Online Course “Systematizing Your Rehabs to Scale Up” (Will Be Available In Spring)

Access to Stacy’s Super Secret Vault With All Of Stacy’s Real Estate Investing For Beginner Training Webinars

Investors Nationwide That Renovate Homes Have Implemented Stacy's Systems Within Their Businesses in Order to Scale Up So They Can Double Or Even Triple Their Profits.


Stacy has been a mentor and friend for years and pushed me to stay on track when I needed help with my renovations and growing my business.


I hired Stacy as a coach to help guide me through setting up my vacation rental business. She helped me to analyze deals, hire contractors and set up scope of works and spec sheets through me first couple of deals so I could systematize them thereafter.


I hired Stacy in early 2019 to coach me through the rehabbing process and help me with my next deal. She walked me step-by-step through my next deal and taught me all her internal office strategies to scale up. Now I am ready for the next deal and to implement her systems.

 Stacy Has Created A Proven Step-By-Step System To Help Rehabbers Understand the Key Concepts In Managing an Investment Business In Order To Scale Up

In the Systematizing Your Rehabs to Scale Up Mastermind You Will:

  • Discover How to Hire Good Contractors That Want to Build a Relationship With You
  • Understand the Power of Your P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Create Spec Sheet Templates That You Can Use Over & Over
  • Automate Your Business So Much So You Can Actually Take a Vacation and Not Worry About What May Happen While You Are Gone
  • Hear From Rehabbers Nationwide That Are Managing 5, 10, or 20 Rehabs a Month
  • Discover What Type of Markets You Can Still Do Rehabs In Even If There is a Recession
  • Create Several Different Scope of Works That You Can Automate
  • Create Roles & Responsibilities For Everyone In Your Business So They All Know What They Should Be Working On
  • Discover How to Hire the Right Team Members Needed to Scale Your Business
  • Systematize Your Business By Creating Internal Policies
  • Find Enough Money to Do All the Rehabs You Want to Do in 2020 and Beyond
  • Discover the Best Kept Secrets From Other Investors on How They Systematize Their Rehabs so They Can Step Away From the Business and much more…

You Must We Willing to Commit One Entire Year to the Process.
This Is Not a Get Rich Quick Mastermind.


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