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RE Investing For Beginners Mastermind

If You Have Been Wanting To Get Started In Real Estate Investing Or Have Tried But Had No Success, Then This Mastermind Is For You.

Stacy Will Take You Through Her Step-By-Step Systematized Approach Of Setting Up The Foundations Of Your Real Estate Investing Business, Take You Through Your First Couple Of Deals in 2020 AND Help You To Get Automated So You Can Scale Up.

In The Real Estate Investing For Beginners Mastermind, These Questions Will Be Answered And More:

  • Do You Want to Get Started in Real Estate Investing But Just Don’t Know Where To Start?
  • Have You Started to Get Leads in But Not Sure What To Do Next?
  • Are You Having Trouble Closing Deals?
  • Need Help Setting Up Your Office?
  • Do You Need Help With Setting Up Strategic Marketing Strategies for 2020?
  • Not Sure How To Estimate Rehab Repairs Correctly?
  • Need Help Putting a Scope of Work Together Or A Spec Sheet?
  • Been Burned By A Contractor Before And Need Help Hiring Good Contractors?
  • Is Your Buyers List Not Equating To Making You Money?
  • Is Doing Your First Renovation Scaring You To Death?
  • Need Help With Creative Deal Structuring?
  • Not Quite Understanding the Concept of Wholesaling, But I Know People Are Making Money Doing It
  • Can You Renovate Homes In This Market And How?
  • Where Do I Find Money To Renovate Homes?
  • Should I Partner With Others To Grow My Business?

This Mastermind is Only For Those Willing To Do The Following:

  • Push Yourself
  • Have Fun
  • Be Coachable
  • Love Accountability
  • Work Well With Others
  • Willing to Commit to Taking Action for a Full Year
  • Be Resourceful
  • Take Action & Follow Rules

You Must We Willing to Commit One Entire Year to the Process.
This Is Not a Get Rich Quick Mastermind.

You Will Have An Amazing Group Of Like-Minded Investors Just Like You To Hold You Accountable Throughout the Year in 2020.

Plus, Stacy Will Be There To Hold Your Hand, Guide You, Answer Any Questions, Facilitate The Right Education For Your Level AND Support You Along The Way.

Phillip Alexius

Stacy has coached me through many deals and is always there for me when I have a questions and has been for many years.


Stacy is always there for me when I need advice on any deal I am working on. She has been a mentor since I hired her several years ago and I can always count on her to give me honest advice.

Jennifer Freeland

In just two months of coaching with Stacy, my real estate investing business has grown leaps and bounds! My business is running like a well oiled machine with leads coming in every week. With Stacy’s help, I have a much better understanding of deal analysis and how to submit customized offers, based on each seller’s unique situation. Coaching with Stacy has been one of the best investments I have made thus far—the return is infinite! Her expansive network, depth of experience, and individualized coaching style are all reasons that I’d highly recommend Stacy’s Mastermind group.

What You Will Get By Joining The Real Estate Investing For Beginners Mastermind:

You Will Be Able To Take Part In:

two hour virtual Zoom group calls with me facilitating the meeting. (Don’t worry, if you can’t make the meetings, they will be recorded and you can watch them on your own time as well) (Valued at $20,000)

Virtual Two Day Bootcamp Masterminds Held Every Quarter (Valued at $20,000)


Access to Stacy’s Online Course The 7 Critical Steps in Starting Your Real Estate Investing Business

Access to Stacy’s Super Secret Vault With All Of Stacy’s Real Estate Investing For Beginner Training Webinars

Free Access to Stacy’s Docs to Help You Manage Your Business:

  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Cheatsheets
  • Systems
  • Worksheets

Get Access To Accountability Software To Help You Set Realistic Goals For Yourself, Create Metrics To Measure Those Goals And Assign Tasks For Each Metric So You Can Methodically Keep Moving Forward And Stay On Track

Access to Our Private Facebook Group Where All Mastermind Students Can Communicate and Collaborate With Each Other

In-Field Training Days With Stacy Visiting Houses To Be Acquired For Wholesaling, Creative Deal Structuring or Renovation Purposes


You get a total of 18 virtual meetings, 2 face-to-face group mastermind meetings, plus 6 very special BONUSES…
For those that would love to get that first deal done asap and really want to learn how, you will get:

  • 18 – two hour virtual Zoom group calls with me facilitating the meeting. (Don’t worry, if you can’t make the meetings, they will be recorded and you can watch them on your own time as well)
  • 2 – face-to-face group masterminds where we each share what is working and not working in our businesses
  • BONUS: An in-field training day with me going to different houses to be acquired for wholesaling, creative deal structuring or renovation purposes to see what I see when I am analyzing deals
  • BONUS: Access to my 7 Critical Steps to Starting Your Real Estate Investing Business online course
  • BONUS: Every template, spreadsheet and checklist that we use in our business to help you systematize, market, acquire, finance, analyze, renovate and liquidate.
  • BONUS: Access to our private Facebook group where we can communicate in between sessions on challenges, questions and wins we are having.
  • Extra Bonus: Get access to accountability software to help you set realistic goals for yourself, create metrics to measure those goals and assign tasks for each metric so you can methodically keep moving forward and stay on track.
  • Extra Bonus: Access to Stacy’s Super Secret Vault which includes all of Stacy’s Real Estate Investing For Beginners Training Videos

Because during the course of the year in the “Real Estate Investing For Beginners Mastermind” I will be teaching you my proven step-by-step approach to systematizing your office, marketing strategically for deals, acquiring properties,
I will also be bringing in guest speakers, other local and national real estate investors that will teach also on various topics.
This mastermind is designed for beginner investors to understand how to set up the foundation of their real estate investing business step-by-step. I will take you through every step and system you need to get your business started as well as how to systematize, delegate and build credibility within your system so you can scale up.
In this mastermind you will discover how to:

  • Create marketing strategies that work in today’s market
  • Find the funding for houses you may want to purchase
  • Systematizing your office so that your workflow is managed easier
  • Acquire properties through CMA’s and deal analysis
  • Understand repair estimates so you easily come up with a purchase price
  • Liquidate your properties faster by building a credible buyers list

In addition, every contract, template and deal analyzer that you need to run your investing business is given to you so that you can feel confident in getting that deal closed.
Plus, you will be doing this in a group setting, so you will have the accountability you need to keep you on track.
And, I have your back! With over 18 virtual group meetings, 2 masterminds, and an in-field training day you can get even MORE help from me.
Real estate investing has changed my life for the better. I have bought millions dollars in properties over the past ten years all due to internally systematizing, automating, marketing and properly managing my office, closing deals and following through on what my coaches told me to do.
Can you imagine? This can happen to you too.
If you have a coach, a mentor and a group of people to hold you accountable to your goals.
This is what a mastermind does. So, we’ve got you covered!

Normally, the Real Estate Investing For Beginners Mastermind including all the bonuses we are offering would be at least $25,000 or more but you’re not going to pay that when you take up the special 2020 New Year’s of just $497 per month.
Most coaches will make you pay everything upfront first, then start your mastermind, but I have decided to take monthly payments of just $497 for 12 months. This is a 75% discount on what most masterminds are charging now.
The special Real Estate Investing For Beginners Mastermind price ONLY applies to orders placed directly through THIS link.
And don’t forget, once the mastermind fills up, then the doors will close.
If you are seriously thinking about it, I would go ahead and purchase now to secure your spot.
Real Estate Investing For Beginners Mastermind

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